Month: August 2022

2022 September Cat

Each month in 2022 I have been publishing a new cat pattern! This month’s square can be used in the full blanket or it can be the “v” in “Love” along with 2022 March Cat, 2022 June Cat, and December Cat (which hasn’t been published yet! You can grab the eBook (which will be updated

Comfort Cat, a blanket of love

“Comfort Cat” is one of my largest patterns! This blanket has a pretty kitty framed by paw prints and hearts.

What A Bear, the Grizzly in the River Blanket

“What A Bear” is my newest crochet pattern depicting a big grizzly bear in the water. You can choose to use the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique; both options come with a written pattern and charts.

Pre-Winter Sale

Believe it or not, this morning I woke up to the sound of our furnace running. Heat was being pumped through our home in August! Why? Because it was freaking cold out! When the weather gets warm we turn the thermostat down so low that it only kicks in if it is 16° Celcius inside