There’s a delightful tale from a nearby town (hamlet, actually, as they have a population of about 50) of a friendly, neighborhood fox. She hangs out in the same grassy park every day and the locals were pleased to see that she even brought her pups to town this spring!

I don’t believe they actually get close enough to the fox to domesticate her, but it’s still sweet to see a familiar animal in an unusual place looking comfortable.

I love the photographs of a sleeping fox in a wooded meadow. There are always wildflowers and grass along with beautiful shadows and lighting. Here in the Saskatchewan prairies we have a lot of wildflowers and I must confess I love them all!

selective focus photo of blue and white flowers field
Photo by Freddie Ramm on

The fox on this blanket is sleeping peacefully and will hopefully help keep your little one sleeping peacefully too.

If you meet gauge your finished piece will be 46″ x 50″ / 116cm x 128cm (interlocking crochet) or 48″ x 56″ / 121cm x 143cm (mosaic crochet).

Traditionally, “they” claim a baby blanket is about 40″ square (who is “they” and when did they decide this?). So this blanket is more like a throw blanket but I had babies in mind when designing it so I think of it as a baby blanket.

As with all of my patterns, you have the option of using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Each technique has its own file. And each file has written line-by-line instructions and a chart. The mosaic chart has X’s showing where to do your dropped double crochets.

If you need a refresher, here’s my tutorial on how to use the charts with X’s:

I also have tutorials on the stitch techniques and other tips and tricks (and a few free patterns) so it’s worth it to subscribe to my YouTube channel! ๐Ÿ˜‰

As always, I am so grateful for my testers. My team for this pattern included Angela Kermack, “E”, Helene Kvenseth, Lara Skelly, Marijke Laenen, and Nessa Miller.


Interlocking crochet sample by Nessa Miller
Overlay mosaic sample by Marijke Laenen. Red/orange used as main color and envelope border.
Overlay mosaic sample crocheted by Angela Kermack. Orange used as main color, white envelope border added.
Yellow and white are used as the Contrasting Color yarn in this overlay mosaic sample where the striping red is used as the Main Color.

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Interlocking Crochet Details

  • Chart is 183 x 201
  • Gauge: 8 (dc, ch) x 8 rows = 4โ€
  • 46โ€ x 50โ€ / 116cm x 128cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (2600 – 2800 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (orange) โ€“ 1300 yards plus 200 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) (white) โ€“ 1300 yards

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Details

  • Chart is 179 x 197
  • Gauge: 14 sc blo stitches x 15 rows = 4โ€
  • 48โ€ x 56โ€ / 121cm x 143cm
  • 5 mm hook (H-8)
  • Worsted weight yarn (2925 – 3525 yards)
    • Main color (orange) โ€“ 1700 yards
    • Contrasting color (white) โ€“ 1225 yards
    • Plus, optional envelope border โ€“ 600 yards