New Video

This has been on my to-do list for awhile! I am quite pleased to present a left-handed video showing how to begin those center-out overlay mosaic crochet projects!

Left-Handed Crocheters are Important Too!

My husband is a lefty (in life and crocheting) and I know I’ve got some customers that are left-handed.

I already create written patterns for left-handed crocheters when there are words but the video tutorials have been waiting for “when I get time”.

The Video

This 8 minute video (ok, 8:45 but there’s some talking introduction and then a few seconds at the ending has my harmonica playing and a subscribe button) goes over:

  • the magic ring,
  • the invisible join,
  • and the two stitches needed for overlay mosaic crochet:
    • single crochet in the back loop only (sc in BLO)
    • and the dropped double crochet in the front loop two rows down (there’s no easy acronym for this one; designers have different preferences for how they shorten it)

I use US terminology, by the way.

I had fun putting the floral stamps on my thumbnail. And I am in love with the purple and green yarn combo! Too bad it’s just some leftover scraps on a non-pattern square. I’ll still finish it off and stick it in my drawer; maybe someday I’ll have a blanket of teeny tiny scrap squares!

My Shortcomings

To be honest, I didn’t show the dropped DC very well. And the overall video moves pretty quickly, so you may need to use the gear / settings and slow the video down.

The goal was to show the invisible join and then I realized I was showing other things as well. But they don’t get shown well because I wasn’t focused on actually showing them.

Mosaic Key

Just FYI, in my written patterns I use the KEY to shorten things quite a bit in my mosaic crochet patterns.

Notes about the KEY

I use UPPERCASE and lowercase to mean different things:

SC = single crochet: insert hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook

sc = SC into Back Loop only

DC = double crochet: yarn over, insert hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, *pull through two loops* twice

dc = dropped double crochet: skip next single crochet, and instead double crochet into Front Loop of stitch in the row below

This allows my written patterns to look like this:

MC 12 – *scC, sc2, dc1, sc3, dc9, sc3, dc1, sc2*

instead of:

MC 12 – *scCorner, SC in BLO x2, dropped DC in FLO 2 Rows Down x1, SC in BLO x3, dropped DC x9, SC in BLO x3, dropped DC x1, SC in BLO x2*


I promise to continue working on all the tutorials and new patterns and pattern updates!