July Knot

Interlocking & Mosaic Crochet

Each Celtic Knot design comes with the full written pattern and chart for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

Bottom-Up or Center-Out

The interlocking crochet version is done from the bottom-up.

The mosaic crochet version is done from the center-out so we don’t have to worry about any cut ends when we join our squares!


The interlocking crochet option is on a chart size of 81 x 81. This means it begins with 40 windows in the foundation row and will finish to about 20″ square.

The mosaic crochet option uses an adjusted chart; it is solid (there are no interlocking mesh dots on it) and it does not have the unnecessary border lines. The full chart is 77 x 77 and will finish to about 19″ square. Take note, you’ll receive the top 1/4 of the x-marked chart that gets repeated for all 4 sides of the square.

Interlocking & Mosaic Crochet Options

For fun, I included a few blue samples in this month’s header photo. Our new kitten, Popcorn, also made an appearance because he’s just so dang cute!

Crocheted by Eva, Maja Serec, & Marijke Laenen.

Canada Day Sale

July 1st is Canada Day! (I’m Canadian, in case you didn’t know)

To celebrate, I’ve selected a few of my patterns that feel like ‘Canada’ to me (there are a few more I could have selected, but this is the list this year),

Use code “2023CANADA” to save 50% on these patterns until 11:59 pm CST July 7, 2023.


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Ashlee’s Samples

The photo above shows the front and back (right side and wrong side) of my interlocking crochet square (blue and white) and my overlay mosaic crochet square (brown and black).

July Knot would likely be classified as another type of Shield Knot, or Dara Knot.

Celtic Knots Series

We are halfway through this series, but it’s possible that you’re just joining us and have no idea what it’s all about!

I have been publishing a square of the month for the past two and a half years.

Each square is large (about 20″ / 51cm) and at the end of the year you’ll have 12 squares to join together for a blanket. You can, of course, choose to use the squares for other things too – like bags, purses, and pillows!

It started in 2021 with a series of gnome squares. I called it a Year of Gnomes. Then in 2022 I did a Year of Cats.

Now, in 2023, our theme is Celtic Knots.

Individual Squares or EBook?

You can buy each square indiviudally or you can save some moolah (40%!) and get the full eBook.

The Celtic Knots series is not over yet, so if you buy the EBook today you will only have the first 7 squares. Each month, on the 1st, I will publish the next square and update the eBook.

Ravelry or Etsy?

Ravelry is my preferred platform because of the fees, the ease of updating patterns, and the personal library feature.

Etsy seems to be a preferred platform for European users due to the payment options.

Both options are good for me – that’s why I have them! Choose what works best for you.

If you use Ravelry to get the eBook you will get a notification (depending on your settings) when I add the next month’s pattern and you can sign in at your leisure to download the files. Each time I send an update it lists ALL the files (not just what is new or changed) and that has confused people in the past.

If you use Etsy for the eBook I will manually email you for each remaining month in the year. 

At the end of the year, regardless of the platform you used, I will compile all the individual pattern files into one file per technique (more like an eBook instead of an overwhelming number of files).

Thank you to my testers!

The 2023: A Year of Celtic Knots series of interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet squares was tested by Anonymous Squirrel, Crochetcarob, cyncitycrochets, Eva, Heather Passmore, MadeByMrsJones, Maja Serec, Margaret Maillet, Marijke Laenen, Mona Rae Hill, Pleva, ScorpiosHook, & Wolsalon.

Final Words

I am often amazed at how nice everyone’s square keep looking. Like, did I really design these? (lol just a little imposter syndrome creeping up on me again)

I love seeing your projects, please keep sharing! You can share in my own Facebook group (of course) and I love seeing it shared in other groups as well (honestly, it helps me sales when you share)!

If you share on Instagram and tag me I may ask if I can share your photos to my stories!

I hope you’re enjoying the series whether you are keeping up as we go or only just starting in 2048!

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