The end of July means I’ve been designing for 4 months now!

I am learning so much and I still have so much more to learn. Thank you to everyone for bearing with me as I make some mistakes and do things the hard way before learning the easy ways. I have really appreciated all the love and support!

I am currently trying to learn more about mailing lists and newsletters. Right now, I’ve directed everyone to sign up to follow my blog so that you will receive an email each time I post a new entry (like this one).

The potential problem I see is that if you have signed up to receive updates for the “Abstract Queen CAL” but you also receive an email when I publish all my Doctor Who squares (for example) you may feel annoyed at the excessive amount of uninteresting emails.

So, I have created a mailchimp sign up form instead. I won’t be hurt if you unsubscribe from my blog and choose to just get the CAL.

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Back to the summary

So far in July I have published 8 new patterns (each has interlocking and mosaic, so in a way it is like 16 patterns):

I had a big giveaway for the Wings Are Freedom Shawl – there were over 600 entries! Congratulations again to Samantha J. and Heather B.!

I also managed to create this website and crochet my Preemie Love blanket twice (once in interlocking, once in mosaic).

Next month is going to be busy – birthday central around here (3 out of 5 in my house have a birthday in August) plus the pre-release of the Abstract Queen CAL. Oh, and at least 2 more patterns are in the works.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me 🙂