Long Hauler: Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet Blanket Pattern

I originally created this pattern as a custom design for a friend. She made it for her husband who is a trucker (also called a Long Hauler). If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it means his job is to drive these great big trucks all across the country and deliver goods. We call it a semi truck, but I think it’s also called an 18-wheeler, a big rig, or a tractor trailer (there are probably a few more titles that all mean the same thing).

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When I shared her picture to my Facebook Group, Ashlee Brotzell Designs, there were a lot of people interested in the pattern!

Custom piece crocheted by “Anonymous Squirrel”

My dad was a trucker for a few years, and my brother-in-law has done it for a few years as well. Based on the responses I received, it seems like everyone knows someone who has been a long-hauler or is still doing it even now!

If you’d like a customized piece, with a name or date like this image above, please email me: ashleebrotzelldesigns@gmail.com and we can go over some details. I will not be refunding your purchase of the non-customized pattern if you choose to add customization.

The non-customized blanket is slightly shorter than this image above crocheted by Anonymous Squirrel because I removed the extra rows above the truck. There is no name and no date in this version.

I have removed the interlocking mesh dots from the mosaic version of the pattern.

Interlocking mesh dots removed from the mosaic version. Also note the blank space above the truck.

Your purchase includes the written instructions and chart for the interlocking crochet technique and the written instructions and X-marked chart for the overlay mosaic technique.

Get the Pattern

*Customization is available – contact me before purchasing this pattern!

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  • Worsted weight yarn (4 – medium)
  • Chart size: 205 x 207
  • Interlocking Crochet:
    • Finished size 51″ x 52″
    • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Overlay Mosaic Crochet
    • Finished size 55″ x 60″
    • 5 mm hook (H-8)

I’ve removed the mesh dots from the mosaic version and because of all the dropped double crochets next to each other I use a larger hook for the mosaic.

Jackie Lindsey has finished her blanket: great job!

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