Harvest Sale

Harvest Time in Saskatchewan

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada we are soaking up the last few hot days of summer while also be aware that winter could attack soon!

I’ve put a selection of patterns on sale for the month of September in honor of our farmers!

Photo shows a combine harvesting a field.

September Sale Details

You won’t need a code to get the 25% discount on these patterns for this month! It will happen automatically. The sale ends at 11:59 pm CST September 30, 2023. Applies to the following patterns only.


I find it difficult to categorize my patterns because I tend to make too many connections and then I want to include EVERYTHING! Hah!

But this is the list I decided to go with for this sale:

Pattern Selection Process

I originally was thinking of my Pumpkin Throw because I was looking at my pumpkin patch. And I designed the Fall scarf at the same time so it was easy to add that one in too.

My Harvest Basket square was designed while thinking of baskets that are used in the garden to bring in the harvest, so that fits easily in a harvest-themed sale. And the September Gnome was designed near the same time. The gnome is holding an apple and has my Harvest Basket design as a background.

You harvest things from your garden, so I included Garden Mandala. And you need Long Haulers to transport everything. These trucks blow through tires often (just watch out on the side of the highway!) so my Tire Tread Scarf popped into mind at that point.

I thought about adding my coffee-themed patterns since everyone is working so many long hours and I considered adding my Oh Canada blanket since that’s where I live but I decided that was getting a bit off track.

My Prairie Meadow Fox blanket and the matching pillow aren’t necessarily “harvest-themed” but thinking of prairie fields being harvested makes me think of this set. It’s sort of harvest themed, right?

And there you have it! If I was really clever I’d link to the patterns in the paragraphs above but it’s just one section higher where you’ll find the links so I think that’s sufficient.

Samples crocheted by Angela Kermack, Claudia, CrochetCarob, & Jackie Lindsey.