Sometimes I feel unsure about whether people will actually like my pattern. But, since this is a set, I feel like there must be something for everyone! Or, maybe just *nearly* everyone. ?

The “Evelyn” set has 3 patterns: 2 small blankets and a large square.

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Evelyn’s Bundle

“Evelyn’s Motif” is a 40-window square (when done with interlocking crochet) so it can easily be mixed and matched with my other squares of the same size. You can find a list here:

I crocheted my sample using the interlocking technique because I love seeing how the back will turn out! With mosaic crochet your wrong side will just be stripes. With interlocking crochet you get an inverse of the stitches which can sometimes look just as neat as the original design! What do you think of this one?

I doubt I will remember to shorten the titles of these blankets, but I did make a little bit of word fun: “EE” and “EFG” for “Evelyn’s Expression” and “Evelyn’s Favorite Guitar”. I tried to think of a way to name the square that would line up with the alphabet too, but I drew a blank. Although, it did make me think that I should be calling myself “Ashlee Brotzell’s Crochet Designs” or “ABCD”. My 6-year old daughter is all about the rhyming and same-first-letters lately.

“Evelyn’s Expression” uses “Evelyn’s Motif” and also 2 other motifs. Besides being darker or lighter than each other there is also a very slight difference in the middle motif versus the edge motifs because of symmetry. Honestly, it was a mistake at first but then I liked it.

Remember, my patterns come with written instructions for two techniques: interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet. If you choose mosaic your back will show stripes; if you choose interlocking it should look something like this image below.

It does remind me of my “Pins and Needles” pattern a bit (which you can get on Ravelry or Etsy).

Pins and Needles Crochet Pattern

And, the third pattern in this set is a bit more whimsical. My husband wants me to crochet him something for him to wear with this on it. A poncho? A cape?

And of course, the back looks pretty neat with interlocking again. To me, it does definitely look like the “wrong” side, but still a pretty nice wrong.

He plays a lot of instruments. But classical guitar is one of his favorites. I will see if I can convince him to play something and I’ll post it on YouTube for you all to see!

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Sharing your wips (works in progress) and telling others about my designs is also super duper nice and helps me get my name out there. Thank you to everyone who has helped me gain so many followers on Instagram and Facebook and such. I am really overwhelmed and happy about how far things have gone already. Soon I will be reaching my 1-year anniversary of designing and I will have to get something big planned!