My mom grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. The east coast of Canada does a lot of fishing and trapping of lobsters and crabs.

She had a tiny wooden (pretend) lobster trap that my sister and I liked to play with. We grew up in Saskatchewan which is all prairie, so there were no local lobster traps.

I always thought the nets looked cool and the traps were very clever – the lobsters can get in but they can’t get out.,_Fishermen’s_Museum_at_Pemaquid,_Bristol,_Maine_-_20130917.JPG

Surprisingly, I was quite old before I finally learned that lobsters are generally black in the ocean and not bright red like cartoons would have me believe.

My son’s t-shirt; a smiling, red lobster, with the quote “feelin’ snappy”

This pattern, “Four Lobsters”, was originally going to be part of my Baby Ocean & Others eBook. But I knew some of you wouldn’t like the design as a “baby” blanket because it isn’t that “cute”. But I also know that some of you are not a fan of the “cutesy, cartoon” designs so I created a new eBook instead!

My tester has been waiting a few months for me to finally publish this! Nessa Miller used red as the Main Color and white as the Accent Color.

If you use the interlocking crochet technique then the Wrong Side is an inverted opposite type image (but not exactly opposite). If you use the overlay mosaic technique it will just be striped.

Get the Pattern

The eBook contains 6 patterns and saves you more than 30% compared to buying them individually.

  • One Octopus
  • To Sail Away
  • Trident
  • Four Lobsters
  • All the Waves
  • Electric Shock

These baby blankets are all 30″ square when you meet gauge. Each pattern has a chart size of 121 x 121 and you begin with 60 windows when you do the interlocking crochet technique.