Oh Canada! Throw

I’ve updated my “Oh Canada! Throw” pattern. Originally published in June 2020, I’ve now changed a few details in the design.

Interlocking & Mosaic

Each square in this year’s series of large squares can be made using one of two colorwork techniques: interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

Learn more about these techniques at https://ashleeslint.com/tutorials/interlocking-and-mosaic-crochet/.


This blanket will finish to about 60″ square with the interlocking crochet technique or 62″ x 66″ with the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

This is provided you meet gauge of course.

Original Blog Entry

I originally published this blanket pattern in June of 2020, and I had only been designing patterns for a few months at that point. I was pleased with it, but I am updating it now (May 2022) for a few reasons.

As a Canadian designer, I really wanted to have a design that showcases who I am, and I want it to be really well done.

Get the Pattern

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If you’ve previously purchased this pattern on Ravelry, you will now see a message notifying you of an update.

DO NOT update this pattern if you want the “2020” option (it has now been removed).
DO NOT update this pattern if you are in the middle of crocheting the top set of maple leaves (that section has been adjusted).
DO NOT update this pattern if you are using the mosaic technique (the mesh dots have been removed and it’s an entirely different pattern now).

SALE ON ETSY: take 30% off “Oh Canada! Throw”; no code needed. Valid until June 19, 2022.

If you purchased on Etsy and would like the updated version please email me with your order number.

Two Techniques

If you’re new to my designs it will be helpful to know that all of my designs come with a chart and the written line-by-line pattern for TWO techniques. You can choose to use the interlocking crochet method, or the overlay mosaic crochet method.

The mesh dots have been removed from the mosaic version.

Bearded Model

I am quite excited to show off my big burly husband.

He wouldn’t show off too much skin (I tried to convince him a naked man would sell more patterns hahahahaha) but he’s allowed me to show his hairy chest and naked shoulder.

The giant beard is pretty distracting anyway. When we met, this hippie had some beads in his goatee and now, 15 years later, he has embraced the full beard. I don’t decide how he chooses to style his facial hair.

Also, he is 6’2 and this blanket goes from his shoulders to the floor so it is a nice comfortable and snuggly blanket.

We also took some pictures of him with a couple guitars and his violin for a poster for his local music lessons and I love that the pretty instruments are in a few of my shots.

Sections in Oh Canada Throw

This blanket has a border design that is supposed to represent the knitted brim of a toque (a winter hat, for those of you who don’t speak “Canadian” lol).

The bottom section has maple leaves. There is one on our flag, but I was actually thinking about our one cent piece, the penny, which is no longer in circulation.

The next section has loons. These birds are on our dollar coin. They are not all facing the same way, and they are not centered. I like that and did it on purpose, but some people found that it looked like a mistake. I have kept them like this anyway.

The next section says, “OH CANADA!” and the only complaint I have is that it should technically have a comma: “Oh, Canada!” If you are a right-handed crocheter you will need to read the chart from left-to-right to get legible words. I have included the line-by-line instructions (like I do with all my patterns) and there are left-handed instructions after the right-handed instructions. If you’re printing the pattern maybe you can select only the applicable pages.

Going up a bit more we see a row of inukshuk (inuksuk). These stone statues are created by our native Inuit people. If you’re interested, this little video clip by the History Channel is quite informative: https://youtu.be/emSv0xHmDLs

And then I put another section of maple leaves to create some balance.

Changes in Oh Canada Throw

In the original design the maple leaves at the top and bottom were purposefully flipped so the left and right leaves that had been cropped were now on opposite ends; however, the flip made it look like the leaves were just misplaced. I have since learned that people REALLY like symmetry. In this update the two sections of maple leaves are cropped at the same point.

In my sample I was using the original pattern so the leaves at the top and the leaves at the bottom are cropped at different points.

I have not made the rest of the sections completely symmetrical (for example, the loons) because I think it would be too much of a change from my original and I honestly love the way it looks right now.

When I first started designing I was only doing interlocking crochet (locked filet mesh) and then when I added the mosaic in I simply used the same chart but created written instructions for the overlay mosaic technique.

The interlocking mesh dots are a natural byproduct of that technique but they don’t need to be included on the mosaic version. So I have now removed them.

Two Files

Another reason I am updating this pattern is because the amount of files in the Ravelry listing was excessive.

I had a file for the original interlocking pattern, then an update for the left-handed version. An update with the mosaic version an another file for the left-handed version. A chart for every option. And then charts and written portions for all the variations for the option of adding “2020” in the middle of the bottom leaf row.

It was just confusing and overwhelming.

There is now one file for each technique (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet). The written patterns for both right-and left-handed crocheters are in the same file. And the charts are included in those files. The mosaic chart has X’s.

I have removed the option for adding “2020” into your blanket (which was not part of my original design). If you’d like customization I can do that for a fee, but it will not be made publicly available in the Etsy or Ravelry listing.

Pattern Details for “Oh Canada Throw”

As always, you have your choice between using interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

The mosaic crochet version uses a chart that has been adjusted to be solid so you won’t see the interlocking mesh dots on it.

Interlocking Crochet

The Locked Filet Mesh (LFM) interlocking crochet method uses only chain spaces and double crochets to create a mesh; two colors are worked alternately which creates the pattern.

Interlocking crochet / LFM crochet file includes:

  • line-by-line written pattern for right-handed crocheters
  • line-by-line written pattern for left-handed crocheters
  • a one-page chart
  • a multi-page chart


  • Chart is 237 x 237
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows = 4”
  • 60″ x 60″ / 151cm x 151cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (4000 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (red) – 2000 yards plus 150 for optional SC border
    • Accent color (AC) (background) – 2000 yards

    The wrong side of my interlocking crochet sample (in progress).

    Overlay Mosaic Crochet

    Mosaic crochet uses single crochet and double crochet stitches. The double crochet stitches cover some of the other color’s single crochet stitches to create the design. My patterns instruct you to cut your yarn at the end of each row. The back is striped but often gives a faint impression of the pattern on the front (sort of like illusion knitting). See an example here.

    The interlocking mesh dots and border lines have been removed for the overlay mosaic version of Oh Canada Throw.

    Overlay Mosaic Crochet file includes:

    • line-by-line written pattern for right-handed crocheters
    • line-by-line written pattern for left-handed crocheters
    • instructions for optional envelope border
    • instructions for reading a chart
    • a one-page chart marked with X’s
    • a multi-page chart marked with X’s


    • Chart is 233 x 233
    • Gauge: 14 sc blo stitches x 15 rows = 4”
    • 62″ x 66″ / 158cm x 170cm
    • 5 mm hook (H-8)
    • Worsted weight yarn (5000 – 5800 yards)
      • Main color (motifs) – 2500 yards
      • Contrasting color (background) – 2500 yards
      • Optional envelope border – 800 yards