The first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere is September 22, 2021. I’ve always believed I had a fall birthday and I was an adult before I learned that technically my birthday occurs in the summer. My sister is a winter baby that technically has a birthday in the fall. Many years we already have snow at this time of year so it makes sense to me that most people consider it autumn and completely disregard the actual equinox.

I consider my Summer Direction Crochet-A-Long a success because we managed to get everything posted in the summer and I have seen at least a couple people working on it. I also really appreciate the sales of the PDF (whether you plan on doing this project after you finish something or if you’ve put it in that list that will never get finished). Thank you!

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This final section is very short: only a couple rows to finish off the lines that match the beginning foundation rows. Instructions for an optional border are included and that will take up more time than any of the sections ever did.

If you’ve found this page but haven’t been following the pattern you should go back to the landing page and start at the beginning. This pattern, like (almost) all of my patterns is written up for interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. I have tutorials on both techniques and people prefer one technique over the other for many different reasons. If you’ve never tried these techniques I’d say the mosaic is easier to learn but the interlocking is my favorite because you don’t need to worry about cutting your yarn or dealing with the tails and it can sometimes create an amazing image on the backside of your project too! Overlay mosaic requires you to cut your yarn at the end of each row and join again at the beginning of the row. The back is just stripes of your alternating colors, so it’s also pretty to look at. There are a few variations out there where people adjust the technique to get an image on the back or to not deal with the tails but I prefer to stick with the basic method at this point.

Final Border Lines: Overlay Mosaic Technique

The video shows the final three lines but the length of this video is mostly due to that envelope border. I have a tutorial called “Ashlee’s Lazy Envelope Border” which uses double crochets but I’m showing the single crochet version here in this video. Scroll down for the written instructions on the final lines in this pattern and the optional border.

Mosaic Crochet: Top Border Lines

161 – JS, sc4, *sc18*, sc3, ES

162 – JS, dc1, sc3, *sc18*, sc2, dc1, ES

Trim the fringe, if needed.

Add optional envelope border. (Video above shows the single crochet option, link below shows the double crochet option)

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Interlocking Crochet: Final Border

These final lines just match the foundation rows we did. They are quick and easy to finish. The optional border does add some time and yarn to your project but I think it is worth it. I have also recently changed the border instructions I include with my patterns because I think everything lays better when the border locks into both layers.

Here’s the final video or scroll down for the written portion.

LFM Final Lines and Border:

161 AC – Ch3 in front, *9F*, 1F, EF

Cut and tie off AC


162 MC – Ch3, 1B, *9B*, 1B, ES

SC Border (optional)

Chain 1, put 2 sc in each gap on all four sides. Add an extra chain 2 space in each corner (corner gap will have 2sc, 2ch, 2sc).

Revised SC border (shown in video)

Chain 1, put 1 sc in the MC gap, and then the second sc should pick up one loop of the AC as well as going through the MC gap. Do this in each gap on all four sides. Add an extra chain 2 on the corners.

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